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Insurance Agents provide a valuable service for property owners.  Consumers depend on you for honest advice regarding the benefits of insurance and when or when not to file a claim.  Unfortunately you cannot inspect every potential claim to properly determine weather or not to file the claim.  Every agent wants to keep their claim ratio low but not at the expense of a client losing out on legitimate claim benefits.

We will look at potential claims and report to you any damage that may be considered “sudden and accidental” that would justify filing a claim.

High insurance deductibles are quite discouraging for consumers to file any type frivolous claim.


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What we do for Insurance Agencies

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Property Inspections

Do you have homeowners policies that are being cancelled for age, wear and deterioration and general poor roof condition? Underwriters are really cracking down on roofs.  We can help!

Do policy holders call you before deciding to file a claim?
You want to keep your claim ratio low but if they have a serious claim you certainly want then to file because that’s why they purchased insurance from you.

Don’t have the time to inspect homes to determine if they should file a claim or not?
We will inspect them for you and send you pictures!

Client needs a competent appraiser for a disputed claim
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Do you Have a Roof Leak?

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